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Timelapse Photography

Timelapse Photography is a digital age solution for recording, archiving and showcasing your project. Useful for a variety of applications including engineering, construction, mining, advertising, film & television, and specialist projects, our weatherproof, standalone systems can be installed in a fixed location with optional solar power supply for extended periods of time. We can follow a project with your team step by step with multiple viewing angles both fixed or in motion, indoors or out.

Included with your package is a detailed high resolution image library, monthly video updates of your project, optional online media portal to see latest images and updated video footage. At the end of project duration you will receive a high definition video of the entirety of your project incorporating multiple viewing angles if desired. Your project is archived and stored in a secure location throughout and secure online login is available. Echo Imaging brings you a stable, high resolution, high definition digital imaging solution to catalogue and showcase any size specialist building or engineering feat.

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Echo Imaging Time Lapse Photography 2013